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Hn? Wha'sup? I'm Cana Alberona of Fairy Tail. I'm a card mage- though I'm not strong like Erza or Mirajane, I'm strong enough to hold my own and protect my home.
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Relationship Status: Dating Lucy Heartfilia
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Barely suppresses her excitement- her baby is coming home~.

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/leaves a bottle of wine and a plate of cookies at your door with a note that says: "Happy Valentine's love, meet me at mine's when you wake up, I'll be waiting~ ♥"


God was she exhausted. The lush didn’t think she would ever get out of bed, not even if the damn dragons came back again. Nope she was definitely not getting—


Bang bang bang!

Ugh. Could that goddamn neighbor of her’s be any louder? Stumbling out of bed was not her idea of fun, especially with the state of her home being so slovenly, but Cana managed to make it to the front door to investigate the source of the noise. Of course it turned out to be nothing, much to her vast irritation, and when she set back to closing the door to go back to sleep, a lone pile on the threshold of her abode caught her eye.

Her favorite wine and a familiar scent of cookies piqued her interest, leaving her to venture what the little note contained atop the offering. She recognized the penmanship, the little cutesy swirled of each letter written upon fresh parchment, the kind only a certain someone favored for writing a certain literature piece. 



Her bed would be empty for this night- and perhaps the next. Another required her presence, and Cana didn’t plan to sit idle while her girlfriend remained without company. Because if it weren’t for Lucy, the lush predicted a bottle of whiskey and a sad breakup song would have been the only company she would have received, and that just wasn’t in the cards for Cana.

Tonight the card mage would do what she could, and create a scene of fun and pleasure for just the two of them, if only for this day of sacred love.


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Hey there,

It's been a good while since we last had a chance to actually enjoy each other's company, and it breaks my heart just a little-- not to be able to wake up by your beautiful sleeping image. Knowing that I couldn't touch your soft cheeks and lips, wake you up with those little kisses you love so much for the last few weeks, I hate it. I wish I could've been with you so much more.

But I'm still glad. I'll always be glad to have you as my own, to know that I can always fall back into your loving arms, sheath myself under the warmth of your love, explore the great universe that is your heart. And the best is knowing that it goes both ways around.

This morning I had a chance to see you snuggled under my covers, with that messy chocolate hair of yours and a peaceful expression that melts my heart so easily, and it made me realize just how much I missed you over this time.

God, I missed you so much, honey.

I feel lucky, you know? Because you have the biggest heart, and yet, I feel like no one could ever treat it with tender and care like I do.

Call me jealous, or crazy, but I don't think I could ever let anyone ever have your heart again. It's too gentle, too beautiful. So... fragile, like it's made out of glass, and too many times someone let it crack, or even drop it without care.

But every time I see this gorgeous and gentle woman that is sleeping by my side, it breaks my heart knowing that someone could ever do that to you.

I'll keep your heart safe, baby. That's my new year's resolution.

Hope you'll have a good morning, and a nice day. ♥


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/brushes hair softly with fingers. "I'm going on a short mission this week, so don't miss me too much, hm~?"


It wasn’t bad this time, not at all. If Lucy said it was a short mission then, naturally, it would be short…depending, of course, on whether they’re mission went along smoothly or not.

At least she trusted Erza to get them all safe. Relatively.

"Alright." To her brush, she answered with a soft kiss of her lips, slightly chaste yet it never lacked for warmth. "Be safe ‘kay? Try not t’blow all your money on repairs." At that light tease, Cana smiled, and when it was time to go, Cana gave a wave before setting back to the job board. She would be busy too after all.

Waiting around wasn’t her style. 

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[/kisses] Hey, I miss you. Come over to mines~?

"Be there in five minutes." 

It would be the fasts she’d have ran to Lucy’s house in a long time~.

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Hey, I got you something~. [/hands a bottle of expensive whiskey she bought on a mission] Found it in a little factory store kind of thing on or way back, I think it tastes pretty good from what they gave me to try, hope you like it~.


It would take awhile for her to stop her chanting, but expressing her gratitude would not be forestalled, not only due to seeing Lucy, but also that she brought presents- and who didn’t love that? Even better that it was liquor, though the quality didn’t really matter to her that much- the fact that she received it from Lucy was a treasure in itself.

Giving a sound kiss, Cana hugged the blond close before nuzzling her in affection, murmuring her gratitude. “You’re the best Luce, thanks…” 

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"Another mission huh…" Well she couldn’t say she didn’t understand, because, well, she did. Lucy had a life, her rent came first, and then the rest fell in whatever order it followed. Cana would have been lying if she said she wasn’t a little jealous- trying this relationship with Lucy was a stretch for her, but they were friends before all this, so the heartache was bearable. And this gave her time to focus on her own goals. There was bound to be another S-Class competition, and this time, she would have the fortitude to achieve that title officially.

Because she wouldn’t be alone- her partner would be by her side. Her living lady luck- Lucy.

As long as you come home safe then nothing else matters…

"See ya when ya get back Luce…"   

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Indeed, another version of you has to share Natsu's lips with Lucy anyway!

“‘the fuck’re you talkin’ about— what version of me?!” It was’t twin— no way in hell, she’s still sore for that cheating lightning bastard.

"The only version to ever kiss Lucy is me— got it?” 

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*kisses* ((It's a contagious kissing seal! Pass it on to the next 10 people on your dash!)) ♥







"You taste like ashes, you idiot!"

"Really Natsu?  I kiss those lips too y’know- think of others before doin’ shit like that ‘kay?"

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More than a little smug about my reply hehe~

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/kisses lips softly "I hope you didn't miss me too much? Because I'm pretty sure I missed you enough for the both of us~."

"Nah, I don’t think so~."

The nonchalant air delivering her statement was in direct odds with her actions; her arm encircling around the blonds shoulder’s was slightly possessive- an uncharacteristic trait for the brunette, but she chalked that up to the fact of Lucy’s continued absence. She didn’t blame her- oh no, Cana was more than understanding, and she never harped or begrudged the celestial mage’s obligation to her team and in keeping her rent paid. Cana had nothing but the highest respect for her, for the mere fact that she went out on dangerous missions and came back (mostly) unscathed was an impressive feat.

Yet when all was said and done, the only person that this woman searched for after a tiring mission was Cana. And that was a reward she treasured far more than any liquor could quench.

The softness of Lucy’s lips was sweet and a balm to the loneliness she’d felt during the celestial mage’s absence. That sweetness and longing felt only tempted her to take a second to observe her, taking in the lush curves, soft and ripe to her (repeatedly explored) touch, and beg her to comply with her desires. Those desires demanded to be expressed, the mere urgency was so strong that Cana thought she’d self-destruct! They commanded her to go further, crossing a threshold that was familiar territory for the brunette time and time again, but so completely foreign to the innocent key wielder.

Going in slow was a struggle, but the lush managed somehow; in response to the kiss given to her, it was Cana’s duty- no, her right to give a proper reunion to their lips. All that was needed was a capture of her attention, a gentle cup of her cheek before Cana swooped in for the kill.

Cana didn’t just kiss Lucy Heartfillia.

Cana took possession and claimed her, marking her with sensual sliding of hot, wet tongues against another, lips slanted to avoid bumping against noses, in seeking a perfect mesh that would bring them as close to one another that was short of complete bonding. This was the reunion she craved, the unleashing of untapped passion, showing her just how much she missed her, how her days were so hollow when she didn’t hear her laughter, see her, touch her—

taste her…

It seemed like it was over before they began, though in reality their make-out session likely lasted no more than a few minutes. But it made pride swell in Cana’s breast when she pulled away to the sight of Lucy’s flushed and dazed expression. And if that didn’t make her pride purr, she didn’t think anything further would. But the night was still young of course, and with the woman she loved home, safe and sound, the drunk could keep her vagabond tendencies at bay. Displaying a saucy smirk, Cana leaned forward to touch her forehead against Lucy’s to murmur huskily in her ear.


"Nope, I think we’re both tied, don’t y’think~?"

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My muse has been missing and is presumed dead. Your muse comes home to find them asleep in their bed. How do they respond?